Hello world……A star is born…….

Tah dah

Gosh this is exciting my very first post on my new blog AccessAccessories. This was born out of demand to be honest from my other fashion blog Rubenisstas.org where I write about fashion for the curvy ladies and fashion accessories played a major part in all that so I decided to separate the two and thanks to the patience and generosity of a certain web designer Dave, here I am.

I love fashion accessories and believe they are powerful tools not only to make our outfit and yourself look super but it always tells a lot more about you as a person and expresses your individuality to a much greater extent that mainstream fashion ever will. How you accessorize unleashes the inner stylist and artist in you and also tells the world what you are like .

Unleash the inner you

So my aim with this blog is to bring to you as much information and advice on accessories as I can humanly find to enable you to unleash that inner you. Above I want you to have as much fun choosing and wearing accessories and looking at this blog as I have doing it.

No distractions

Its plain, its honest, its simple in design, and deliberately so.  I want the kaleidescope of accessories out there to do the talking and not some fancy stuff detracting from the message.

Let that inner Carrie Bradshaw rip

I welcome your comments, ideas and thoughts and guest bloggers. If  any of you fancy ripping open that inner Carrie Bradshaw but have never figured out or lacked that push then you have come to the right place. I welcome, embrace and demand that you share your thoughts, finds and views right here right now with me.

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