How not to do a Beatrice

I love hats, well something needs to contain this crazy brain of mine and I love summer hats the most of all. Now I am no fan of meringue creations (EXCEPTION being Princess Bea’s which was so awful it was great) but I do love a bit of nostalgia and I love Panama hats, for me they evoke 50′s faded glamour such as Katherine Hepburn wondering around the middle of Africa with Humphrey Bogart in the African Queen or Mia Farrow silly, fickle and drunk as a skunk Daily Buchanan in the Great Gatsby.

Whether its a fantastic fedora for the beach or a wide brimmed Panama for a chic summer wedding, you cannot go far wrong with a handmade hat from Pachacutie. These scream class they are so simple and I guarantee you will stand out at every event and for all the right reasons. I discovered Pachacutie two years ago and since then once the sun shines I have been permanently attached to my cream and black fedora. All hats are handmade and ethically sourced from a local women’s co-operative in Ecuador so you are giving back to those less fortunate that yourself and helping them help themselves in the process. The prices, given the quality are very very reasonable as well nothing is over £100.

Wide brimmed Panama (£48)

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19 Dig Street, Ashbourne, DE6 1GF, UK

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