Ma pied mon Dieu

I became obsessed with simple and chic Jesus sandals last year partly out of necessity (after years of hobbling aroung in stilettos I have ruined my hips!) and partly because I think they make your feet look lovely particularly with some lovely coral nail polish Rimmel Coral Romance being my favourite at the moment. Now, there are lots and lots of variations on the market most with fancy and over the top embellishments and they are lovely, but my all time favourites are these handmade sandals from the legendery K Jacques in Saint Tropez. Beautiful in their simplicity and craftsmanship. They take about 2 weeks to make and send and I cannot wait for mine (I’ll take a piccy to show you).

Now what could be better than importing a bit of Saint Tropez paired down glamour to my tired pins. They are all made to measure, definitely not cheap but beautiful all the same in their simplicity. I have just ordered a black patent pair of the Petrone’s and if I like which I know I will, they will be ordered in gold and silver and I just know I will be wearing them for years to come!


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