There once was a shop called Bohemian Butterfly ………………

Once upon a time on a street in Kensington called Church St, there was a shop and not just any shop but a virtual treasure trove of beautiful handmade and unique jewellery handmade by Calvin and Alisha and the name of this shop was called Bohemian Butterfly. Oh many happy hours of mine were spent shooting the breeze with my new found friends and many beautiful pieces were bought that are still firm favourites and much admired.

Then along came the evil bankers and stupid people who caused the credit crunch and the subsequent recession and even more greedy and horrible landlords who put the rents up on shops in High St Ken and the lovely Calvin and Alisha could not run their beautiful shop anymore……………………and we were all devastated none more so than me!

However, there is a happy ending, Alisha returned to Singapore and continues to make stunning jewellery (I love her earrings) and sells them through Bohemian Butterfly’s online store at Etsy…..more of which later!

and Calvin………..has just opened his online store also at Etsy called Studio20Six. They are all handmade, all unique, all one of a kind and amazingly reasonable. Calvin’s thing is rings and he gains his inspiration from nature and I am so glad this story has a very happy ending and an even happier new beginning….

and I will be buying these stunners (pictured above) called NIA from Calvin very soon! and I want this SOFIA ring so badly……
then insert – Studio20Six or Bohemian Butterfly1

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