Embrace your inner farmer

With all these pictures of everyone swirling around the mud at Glastonbury today and with the summer shaping up to be a right damp squip I decided to go all topical and introduce you to the Curve Range at WedgeWelly.

Now when I was growing up in a rural hotspot a long way from here and messing about on farms I had to contend myself with slurry green wellies miles too big for me. How times have changed for the inner farmer in all of us. Never has farming been so chic!

This one is called MANEATER - or FARMEREATER!

These rather snazzy take on wellies are specifically crafted to flatter all body shapes! The Curve Range boasts generous foot and ankle fit, with a calf circumference of up to 48 cm. The unique wedge design will ensure you look and feel fabulous as well as being a footwear essential this festival season.

They retail at around £45.


If thats not good enough Easy Wellies (www.easy-wellies.co.uk) are offering a 20% discount on the Curve range.

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