We pursue that which retreats from us….. Martin Heidregger

I make no secret of the fact that I have an obsession with Roger Vivier shoes and handbags, due in no small part to the fact I haven’t a hope in hell of acquiring either anytime soon or in the distant future (sort of similar to my love life actually but thats a whole other story), hence the above quote.

I also covet, envy and want Ines de la Fressange’s life (Roger’s muse and all time glamour puss in an understated Parisian way). In fact I want her as my older sister and we would get on and we would share things (mainly her Roger Vivier freebies) and she would think I am great and I would vicariously live my fantasy life through hers.

We would wander around Paris laughing carrying baskets, wearing Breton tops, trench coats belted and of course Roger’s famous buckled shoes and clutch bags in a joie de vivre type of way eating pain au chocolats and macaroons and get ripped to the tits on red wine in cafes and life would be grand, (well a lot grander than being asked to leave my local hostelry after abusing the two for the price of one happy hour beverages three times a week). We may even invite Princess Caroline along, only if she smiles but certainly not Carla – far too competitive!

Its a life so very far removed from my own you see but one I always thought I should have lived were it not for the pesky fact that I was NOT born to an aristocratic family in the South of France and did not hang around with Princess Caroline (not for them the ignomy of drinking cheap cider underneath the canal towpath in your school uniform after school you see) – no where near it in fact. If I’m honest I would have struggled to point France out on a map up until a few years ago. Nonetheless, royal and aristocratic connections notwithstanding I have done the next best thing and literally memorised and swallowed her book Parisian Chic and continue to dream the impossible dream ……..

Ines has a lot to answer for to be honest as I nearly came a cropper with my bank because I went mad buying Breton tops and K Jacques sandals purely on her recommendation in an attempt to recreate her life. I digress…..

The top that caused THE trouble!

The sandals that caused THE trouble!

Scary, slightly unhinged, stalky behaviour, the rantings and ravings of a mad woman you could be forgiven for thinking and you would be sort of right. Ines is safe…..for now….as I cannot afford the price of the Eurostar never mind a pair of Roger’s shoes…one day maybe. For now I content myself with wondering around Ines’s favourite shops in Paris on the Roger Vivier website. She does one little Parisian snippet a month.


Check it out they are really great or watch these tasters on you tube instead.

My best friend Ines!!!

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