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I came across Stylist Pick at the weekend. It rather ambitiously claims that it will make ASOS shiver in its shoes in Camden – fighting talk indeed. Loving a good scrap I read on.

Basically SP works like this, you fill out a questionnaire and this determines your style and then offers you style choices (personally selected by the professional stylists – which I do not believe for a minute- more of which later!) you can buy these suggestions for £39.95 per item. You have to commit to making one purchase of £39.95 a month.

One of the stylists is Grace Woodward (the one who got off with Matt Cardle in last years X Factor (and now sits with Elle on finding stick insects to model clothes)who wears a hat and fierce looking glasses!) and Louise Roe (who was picked on by Kirsten Cavelleri in The City which endeared me to her to be fair and is a posh sort likely to be found braying in Parsons Green or Fulham but seems nice all the same) and a collection of other sorts called Arabella (need I say more!). I haven’t the foggiest clue who they might be nor if this website is anything to go by do I care!

I duly filled in the questionnaire and had the enviable choice of deciding whether I envied Alexa Chung, Cheryl Cole or some other child that was born in 1992! and it went dramatically downhill from there. The taxing but detailed questionnaire (I am being so sarcastic and caustic here!) deduced that I am a classic dresser not that you would know it based on the questions they asked. Still not sure where Cheryl or classic fits into the same sentence but thats me being bitter I wager.

I got the impression that the reason I was deemed classic was due in no small part to my age profile (anyone over the age of 25 would fall into the classic territory I’ll bet). The Jimmy Choo shoes they asked you to comment on would not be out of place in my local dodgy massage parlour frequented by torn, navy anorack types! My ‘classic’ profile was accompanied by a picture of Audrey Hepburn! Now this is where they came a cropper in my book, I have never or will never look anything remotely like Audrey – I am about 6 sizes bigger for a start and blonde, this site did not ask me if I favoured Audrey, Kate Moss or anyone over the age of 25, what my size is, nothing at all, just a few questions on Alexa and Cheryl – now anyone who marries Mr Cole once never mind twice is not classy in my book nor someone (Alexa) who has no shape. I cannot even bring myself to tell you what the style choices that were personally selected for me were like. I also figure that the choices are probably the same for classic, casual, street etc!

They need to do a lot better than this, they want to take on ASOS for Christs sake! ASOS HQ breathe easy you have nothing to fear at all.

This clip tells you what its all about, Louise does a great job of chairleading it, in a jolly headgirl way hey sort of Mallory Towers way. Not sure who or what the guy is doing on it though again I am being mean!

Anyway if you want to pass 2 minutes give it a go! Not sure its going to work but it might! I’m sure they said that about Facebook and look where it got them! I am prepared to eat my hat or bag or even words!! Off to shop on ASOS now!

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  1. Mary Granville says
    14 July 11 at 8:12am

    Couldn’t agree more! I signed up to this site, but as none of the Stylist’s picks are to my taste, I cannot get any new picks. As I don’t want to be someone’s typical fashion type, to fit in their box, we’ve parted company.

    • Olga says
      14 July 11 at 5:45pm

      Great to hear your views


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