In which a change is gonna come…..

In order to keep things interesting (well for me anyway as I might well be the only one actually reading this) I am adding a few new items.

First one is along the lines of ‘what I bought/covet this week’ which to the uninitiated is fairly self explanatory. It also has a more sinister purpose and that is to try to cure me of this shopping obsession – medically termed omniophobia. Not only will I be describing my purchases or items of desire I will be giving you the opportunity to share your tales and adventures on the shopping front. In a way I am hoping that if I see how much I actually buy on a weekly basis it might jolt and shock me into saving for a roof over my head or at least force a measure of self control over my spending which is no bad thing. So its purely medicinal don’t you know.

Second item is I have a few guest bloggers lined up who will be extolling you regularly with all their exciting accessories finds from their perspective. That should shake things up a bit, stop me droning on and let me get on with all sorts of exciting things that are lined up. Worry not you are in safe hands probably a lot safer than mine. These girls know their products, have their fingers firmly on the pulse and I for one am looking really forward to reading their pearls of wisdom (or not!).

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