Nothing small about La Senza’s smalls

I trotted off to La Senza’s AW11 preview last week. Now this is not something I would normally go to but sheer nosiness won the day and the promise of cupcakes. As I approached the showrooms I really questioned the wisdom of my decision to attend when I saw 3 leggy, skinny models in the window dressed in sexy underwear draped over a couch.

In I went anyway, as I was mooching through their new shape-wear collection wondering which thumb they would fit on, the charming PR Amanda recognised my questioning stance and came to rescue me or the underwear I am not sure which! I trotted out the usual questions i.e. what sizes do you go to and expecting the stock we do some 16 and go to a 32b I nearly fell through the floor when she calmly announced we go to an 18 and 38G. So, I thought to myself I am in the running afterall at least in bra sizes.

The new collections are lovely, the colours all muted mauves, plums and of course leopard skin (I do love a bit of leopard print!). Had a drift about, ate a cake, got a nail varnish from Filthy Gorgeous who set up a nail bar there and drifted back to work (who I hasten to add thought I had nipped out for a very long sandwich!). My work and blog at AccessAccessories is all under cover don’t you know!

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