What I bought this week 10 July 11

Kicking off my new column as promised. I bought this darling necklace in the Astley Clarke sale (main bubble). I was feeling very sorry for myself and thought sod it and you know what I might just buy something else as well me being a bit on the carefree and wild side and it would be these white drop earrings to bring out my Aphrodite side!

But for now this coloured necklace is it. I thought it would be fantastic worn with my countless variations of black tops and dresses and if I am feeling very outre I might well wear a white top and pair it with that……

I didn’t covet that much this week…..

I also bought this bikini from Figleaves for my up and coming holiday to Ibiza which I am crapping myself about to be honest as the diet has not gone as well as hoped but I am applying the principle that if you picture something long and hard enough it will happen and I am giving myself an aneurism picturing myself in this bikini! At least the bottoms have a fold over bit to hide the overhang and the whole thing only cost £19. (Model not me by the way!)

What did you buy this week?

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  1. Rachel W says
    11 July 11 at 10:01am

    Olga, I am loving the blog!
    Thank you so much for keeping us updated with your fantastic purchases and I look forward to reading this every day! Please write more!
    I cant wait to hear from your guest bloggers too!
    Rachel W!


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