Make your own with Hannah makes things

I came across this kitschy but cutsey website today with a great name of Hannah Makes Things.

This is what they say about themselves

‘Hannah Makes Things is a range of jewellery and accessories designed by Central Saint Martins graduate Hannah Nuttall. With a focus on all things, fun, kitsch, unusual and gloriously shiny we set about creating jewellery to make people stop and say wow! Based in Manchester, UK we design items in house and use a range of techniques, materials and processes to create our pieces. We absolutely love making jewellery and hope you love what we make’.

This is what you will need to make your own personalised bracelets for only £4 each. I think they are perfect for accessorising those summer togs on hols, makes a change from Haviannas and cowboy hats hell just don the lot, you’re on hols so who cares as long as its warm and fun. My charm will be the Octopus and spoon because I love calamari!! See how mad you can go?? Its been that sort of day. What are your whacky combos?

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