GOLD you’ve got the power to hold……

GOLD I loved the song the first time round, I love GOLD as jewellery despite the detractors and I even suspended disbelief when Gordon Brown sold off the gold reserves for about 50p years ago. We could certainly do with it now- look at all the cash for gold shops everywhere!

What is she on about not I hear you ask, well all will be revealed if you bear with me for a minute. I’m off to a wedding soon and the theme is white! I thought that was frowned upon and a major faux pas but it was on the invite so not wishing to rock the boat so to speak I’ll don the white frock and head off.

Anyway I am accessorising the white dress with gold. I have vague visions of myself as some sort of modern Greek type goddess – deluded does not even come close but indulge me.

So I’ve already showed you the white and gold drop earrings last week, so the next mission was a gold bag.

Now I had my eye on this one from Lulu Guinness but at £200 not even I could justify that. Its also perspex and prone to splintering like glass on the impact of anything harder than a sofa so not very practical for a drunkard and dipsomaniac friends who will want to paw at it – I’ve learned the hard way, the very hard way.

In cases like this I tend to depend on Dune, they are great for buying occasion bags for weddings, glam nights out etc and I have to say they did not disappoint on this occasion either.

I bought this snazzy gold Mystic bag for £45, but hurry I had to try 3 stores to get it.

I also love these bags as welll.

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