Hearts, moons and a ray of sunshine

I told you all a while back that I had ordered a love heart ring from Laura Gravestock and I also asked her to make a rose gold plated crescent moon for me, for reasons unbeknown to even me!!!

I received both of them yesterday and they are stunning. I love them and I know they will be a permanent feature on my hands (wait till you see the hands!!! I am not that old, some serious handcream is about to be purchased.)

Aren't they stunnning .....ignore the hands

Anyway I am that chuffed that I have asked her to make me a sun and she suggested it in yellow gold and I couldn’t agree more. At the speed that girl goes I’ll be posting on it very soon and definitely in time to wear it on my hols in Ibiza.

The rings are far sturdier than their delicateness suggests and at £49 they are a great addition to any discerning fashionisha. Laura will do them in rose gold (mine), yellow gold and silver!

A little birdie tells me Lisa Snowden loves her hoop promise earrings, and anyone who has gone out with gorgeous George Clooney has had her taste credentials well and truly verified in my book.


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