I’ve never much been a fan of snakes human or the reptile variety.

I’ve met plenty of the human kind, however, I have not had the misfortune to encounter the reptilian kind in person unless you count some rather stoned ones in Morocco with their fangs removed and come to think of it I encountered some more stoned ones in a temple in Phuket years ago not to mention some plonker who arrived with one around his neck to a pub I was drinking in by the river in Putney once, but I think that one might well have been fake and I was tired and emotional (i.e. inebriated) not that I prodded it to find out! Oh and Britney had a yellow one on at a concert I attended once!

All things considered given my experience with them I could be forgiven for thinking that snakes are fairly chilled out stoners, hanging out in chic holiday destinations draped over things and starlets as decorations, permanently zonked rather unlike their human counterparts who have caused me much heartache over the years! In any case I won’t be installing a serpent stoned or otherwise in a fish tank in my flat anytime soon.

So whats this got to do with the price of fish or reptiles and so on and so forth.

Well on one of my scouting expeditions last week I was drawn inexplicably to this little fork tongued creature in Kabiri on Marylebone High Street and I liked him a lot. He was £43 and in rose plated gold and I thought what the heck. Snakes are also used to protect Buddha in temples so it might act as some sort of safety talisman. The excuses I think up to justify spending money sometimes!!!!

Its not snake bites I should be worrying about but the bite to my wallet! The only venom or bite I’ll be getting anytime soon will be from a well known High St bank inviting me to bank elsewhere……speaking of snakes….


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