Where I short circuit

I was sitting in the hairdressers at the weekend getting my hair highlighted and I was flicking through the stack of magazines as you do. I was browsing through Vogue (which I never buy – whats the point nothing fits or is affordable!) anyway I indulged myself and remarked to myself that the 50′s Mad Men shoot of Kate Moss looked great.

As you know I have been on the hunt for a decent clutch bag in gold for a wedding and I nearly fell through the seat in shock when the exact clutch I was on the hunt for was in Ms Moss’s hand. Now it was with some trepidation that I went to the column hidden away at the top to find out how much it was (I normally avoid that part- far too painful) when I had my second shock of the day, not so much of a shock as a short circuit which is not good when you are under that heat thing hairdressers use to speed up the peroxide in hair dye!

The bag or rather bags (as there was quite a few hotties in Kate’s hands) are vintage from a shop/website called Beyond Retro and the gold one I loved is for wait for it…….. sit down and unplug yourself from all electric or dangerous appliances, put down hot drinks in fact any drinks and definitely do not read this if on a toilet seat or public transport……..is £12 yes you heard correctly it is £12 a mere triffling affordable £12. Readers I immediately logged on so you don’t have to………………………


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  1. Charlotte says
    27 July 11 at 9:54pm

    These are darling!


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