What a load of cobblers

You have heard the travails I have had recently getting everything sorted for the impending white wedding (thats just the guests!) on a cliff top villa in Ibiza.

Not wishing to let the side down I have gone all out.

You been on the earring and bag journey now for the feet.

I couldn’t resist these hand made numbers from the legendary St Tropez cobbler K Jacques (now I thought cobblers were only things people spoke namely men after a few drinks or to get out of doing something tiresome like taking the bins out). It turns out that the folks at K Jacques still make their own shoes, sandals etc for our tired old pins.

Its not as onerous as you would think. I just went onto the website, picked my sandals, decided on a colour from the chart, held my breath and paid for them. Just like that. A lovely lady called Stephanie then sends them to you by Fed Ex a few weeks later. Another thing Stephanie actually cares unlike some retailers here!

There is something about being able to choose your own specially made shoes. These are made just for you, in any colour you like, that I found really special and unique.

When I got them I was so excited and they did not disappoint at all. They smelled (yes smelled) of that beautiful fresh leather smell that is so intoxicating. They fit like a glove and unlike most of my shoes I know I will be fit for anything the party throws at me without the fear of bunions, a walking stick or worse the next day!

My gold sandals are called Bergamotte and cost 233 euros.

My black thongs are called Petrone and they cost 186 euros.

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