I love thee Forever (21)

With great joy I welcome a new relationship into my life; one I don’t mind sharing with every savvy lass in London Town. Wednesday 27th July 2011 marked the grand opening of Forever 21 in Oxford Street, W1.The last time I stepped into such emporium was rather an eventful mini-break to The Big Apple. Between collapsing on the aeroplane and subsequently being strapped to oxygen (before misplacing my passport en route from customs)*, I made certain that Forever 21 was on the Hit List.


While the US chain is renowned for it fast, fresh fashion at ‘cheap-as-chips’ prices, its Accessories are where it really shines. Here, ‘Forever 21’ is a mentality rather than target audience and, catering for all styles and ages, you would be hard pressed to go wrong.


The first of my picks is a satin headband with rather turban-like tendencies (1). Upon seeing the jewelly colours dancing in the light, she in her abstract glory had to be mine. 1920’s glamour melting into an Ibiza sunset. Divine. (£3.15)

The second is this little fella! (2) My darling robot emits childish kitsch in the form of a solid pendant, the size of my thumb (I have tiny thumbs). An amusing addition to any outfit, his dinky, sparkly head rotates a full 360; this is one gentleman who will always look over his shoulder for you. (£3.90)


Finally, my favourites are a pair of studded, mock- leather hoops (3). As a child, I had a fascination with hooped earrings after idolising Esmeralda in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre-Dame and I’m delighted that these punky sweethearts feed my rough-and-tumble princess inside. (£3.90)

Age regardless – we will always be Forever 21.


Electric Ladybird x

*This definitely had absolutely nothing do with Yours Truly’s 21st celebrations of the previous night… absolutely nothing…

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  1. Charlotte DeCaille says
    01 August 11 at 10:47pm

    Absolutely gorgeous scarf and adorable robot necklace must make a special trip to forever 21 :D x

  2. Kate Legs says
    02 August 11 at 6:45pm

    Wow, this place looks fab! Love the little robo-dude :-)


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