Kumihimo, darling! Bracelets by Tanya Walker

The  braid: whether Heidi or Grecian Goddess, such style exudes a straight-laced cheekiness that traverses from infancy to beyond.


While out shopping in my local florist, I happened upon these delightful specimens by designer and creator Tanya Walker. Tanya’s inspiration for these intricate bracelets initially sourced from research into plaiting techniques for her floristry qualification, when she discoverd Kumihimo. This ancient Japanese technique was originally used by samurai to decorate armour and in is a form of finger-loop braiding.


Tanya’s background in floristry provides her designs with an artistic fluidity, capturing colour and texture beautifully. Her use of feminine materials such as ribbon and Swarovski crystal, combined with the solid, consistent braid, prevents her range from being too ‘pretty’ and in such respect would compliment a range of outfits, from beach to black tie, either singular or stacked.

I am particularly raving about the cobalt blue satin cord, which is practically married to my wrist. Versatile and fresh, Tanya Walker hurls ancient heritage into 21st century style. Tanya Walker, I salute you.

1.  Braided bracelet made from satin cord and metallic embroidery thread, with  single glass bead; between £12 and £15
2.   Simple braided bracelet made from satin cord and metallic embroidery thread;£10
3  Combination of satin cord, and Swarovski 4mm beads; £21


Tanya Walker is available in store at  the Beckenham Flower Studio (www.beckenhamflowerstudio.co.uk), home parties, and orders are taken via email (tanya.walker100@btinternet.com) or telephone (07977070020), with customisable colours and sizes. Tanya Walker is also featured at The Craft Fair on 10th September 2011, at Christ Church Hall, Fairfield Road, Beckenham, Kent BR3 3LE.


Electric Ladybird x

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  1. Barbs says
    15 August 11 at 11:10am

    Love the bracelet in pic 3 with the Swarovski beads, perfect for a night out, maybe in purple or red.

    or the simple braids paired up with one of my friendship bracelets would look cute.

  2. Kate says
    15 August 11 at 2:16pm

    Ohhh pretty! Great find.

  3. Kathryn says
    15 August 11 at 3:16pm

    Saw this style of design when i was in Japan… sadly didn’t get to pick anything up and always regretted it.

    Don’t need an excuse to buy beautiful items, but it’s always nice to have one!


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