The Zandra Rhodes Jewellery Collection

The Zandra Rhodes Jewellery Collection was never going to go unnoticed.

My grandmother has a glass trinket box on her dressing table. As a tiny girl I would peer into this feminine heaven and decorate all three foot of me in exquisite broaches, charms and jewels. With the vital addition of ‘genuine’ Christmas Cracker Pearls, I felt every inch the princess.


Upon discovering Zandra’s collaboration with Adele Marie, waves of nostalgia washed over me, a grown lass with a never-ending penchant for dressing up. I have always admired Zandra’s ability to fuse peculiarities with utmost elegance and, having designed for the likes of Princess Diana, Freddie Mercury and Kylie Minogue, there is no end to her versatile creations.

Rhodes’ work has transcended across years of hardcore fashion, and this latest collaboration feature designs from Zandra Rhodes’ original sketches and textiles. Her prints have a bold, organic quality to them, highlighted by her use of resin as a material for a number of her pieces – the ring in  (1.) illustrates this beautifully. Punchy contours and vibrant colour – heaven.


Rather contradictory to the resin delights is the family of entwined heart adornments. Referring to the gorgeous necklace in (2).with its graceful, flowing vibe, I feel such pieces have ethnic influences and regal, crown-like qualities. Despite its elegance, the finery bears Zandra Rhodes’ electric signature and holds its place amongst more dramatic pieces.

My personal favourite from the collection is the bracelet in (3).  Fusing a shell-like  structure with a theatrical exuberence, the identical painted faces suggest a tongue-in-cheek poke at pefect glamour. A dead-cert of a conversation piece, this, to me,  epitomises the quirky collaboration.


An eruption of eccentricity, the Zandra Rhodes Jewellery Collection embodies treasures desired by the modern woman who fears not of being a tad off-beat.

The Zandra Rhodes Jewllery Collection is available from August 2011 from and is priced between £30- £70


Electric Ladybird x

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  1. Elizabeth says
    19 August 11 at 12:09pm

    A fabulous post by electric ladybird. She couldn’t have got it more right:

    “An eruption of eccentricity, the Zandra Rhodes Jewellery Collection embodies treasures desired by the modern woman who fears not of being a tad off-beat.”

  2. Shiro says
    19 August 11 at 12:12pm

    Coco Chanel put it perfectly

    “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”

    Zandra Rhodes’ jewellery is pure style!

    Love it.

  3. 21 August 11 at 1:41pm

    Ohh great post love it!

  4. Misae says
    23 August 11 at 6:16pm

    I’m inclined to agree with you, there’s a huge difference between the “Forever Wiggle” and “Heritage Ladyhead” resin parts of the collection and the blingy “Iconic” side in metal. At first I was really like “but how does it work together?” and then I saw how Zandra had put them together on some models and there are some really great combinations in there! I’m in love with the black version of the bracelet in (1) with some of the gold earrings from the range


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