I never thought I was a ‘hat-person’.

At the tender age of seven, yours truly was happily entertaining herself in the playground, donning a terrific mullet and suitable baseball cap. The following words were about to haunt me forever:

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

Eyes swelling with tears, I glanced at the brutish lad who spilled such a question, before sprinting to parental safety. I never wore a baseball cap again.


7th September 2010:Berwick Street, London. During a standard shopping session in a vintage store, I spot a masterpiece. Rich, bloodied burgundy in colour, a quilted, Jackie-O pillbox hat screamed my name. Gingerly reviewing my reflection in the mirror, I toyed with the idea that it may actually suit me. In fact, it definitely suited me. I felt akin to a Russian princess, requiring merely a  pack of huskies and a Narnian sled to complete ‘the look’. My relationship with headgear was restored.


A chapeau enthusiast, I have a New Favourite Shop. 360 Degree Vintage, Greenwich Market is a haven of vintage treasures from Victorian 1900s to a 80s Dynasty attire. Stocking clothes and accessories for both ladies and gentlemen, the store has inspired the creations of costume designers and stylists alike, showcasing the very best in classic day and eveningwear.

Their hats are among the best I have seen. Take the millitary style in (1). Almost identical to that in Moschino’s current advertising campaign, the tough structure and powerful colouring command attention. Worn with ultra-feminine attire (cue lace, chiffon, sparkles) this show-stopping piece exudes theatrical wearability.


Next on my hit-list is the floral pictured in (2). From feathers at Prada, to flowers at Chanel, designers are calling upon nature to decorate the heads of fashionistas everywhere this season. I imagine a Carry On ‘Babs’ Windsor peacocking to her heart’s content.

Ultra-ladylike hats in (3) provide a fantastic option in jazzing-up winter daywear, extending into Spring 2012. Upon spotting ‘my’ hat from 100 yards, I transformed from girl to lioness. (4.)Pink woven structure with dual shades of pinky rosiness, this lightweight angel was ideal glamour for weddings and late-summertime soirees (the fact that at time of purchase, neither event was in my diary is irrelevant).


My hat-phobia is well and truly squashed (as is the mullet!)

Electric Ladybird x

Hats pictured, assorted prices, discovered at 360 Degree Vintage, 313a Greenwich Market, Greenwich, London, SE10 9HZ (Thursday-Sunday 12-6pm). Telephone 07904709759 or email travellingthroughtime@ntlworld.com

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  1. Elizabeth Dring says
    28 August 11 at 8:14am

    ooooh, great post, I need get to 360 Degree Vintage, NOW! and locate some of this peacock headgear…..


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