For the love of fetish…

Rhianna wanted whips and chains; fashion happily obliged.

AW11 brings with it its darkest, fantastical offerings. Since Lady Gaga’s daring performance at Thierry Mugler’s Paris Fashion Week show, fashion bled fetish onto the catwalk. While Giles and McQueen hit the trend hardcore – head-to-toe leather, chains, latex – houses Dior and Christopher Kane prefer to nod to naughtiness, walking black silk and lace in delicate yet conspicuous style.


Critics of the fetish scene would argue its demeaning dominance, but this fashion displays the strong woman styling such bondage around her body – there is no room for governance here. Corsetry and chains may appear restrictive yet cuts the focus to her tiny waist; her delicate skin. Visible undergarments under lace, muddled with inky velvet lengths, bewilder and beguile. Provocative innocence is no longer a mere costume.  


Fetish’s focus is on detail – the tiniest zip to the shiniest shackle – and accessories provide the vital highlights. The first of my favourites are these amazing tights from Primark (1.), illustrating how accessible a trend this is. From the front, one would have no reason to consider she wears hoisery different to any other opaque offering. She turns on her heel, and instantly it’s there – a pattern of intricate corserty soaring up a sheer length. Teamed them with Westwood-esque tartan and prim heeled loafers, this is a new angle for work and daywear.

If Alice had skipped down Wonderland’s path with Bettie Page in tow, this would be her coverted band (2.) Discovered by yours truly at Chockers, this is darkly playful headband would mix-match with many of the other season trends (think sixties, block colour, minimalism). I imagine this with a prim bun, blunt fringe and ‘bitten purple’ lips -  an istant, glamourous latex-look.


Treasures (3) and (4) are available from Freedom at Topshop’s latest collection. Referring to (3), a fan of ‘scary’ rings, I adore the armoured rigidity, akin to a mask for a dainty digit, and would add a tough edge to a lacey ensemble. Meanwhile, the bracelet at (4.) would ideally constrict a skin-tight top as if buckling a skinny hip.


The catwalk has charged Autumn’s love affair with a naughty affliction – seduce the vibe in style.

Electric Ladybird


(1). Fashion Tights; Primark; £3.00

(2). Bow Headband; Chockers Shoes; £15;

(3.) Armour Ring; Freedom at Topshop; £8.50;

(4). Silver Buckle Stretch Bracelet; Freedom at Topshop; £15.00;




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  1. Lucy Saunders says
    31 August 11 at 8:37am

    I’m off to buy myself some tights from primark now, didnt know it was that easy to re-create this style :)

  2. Barbs says
    31 August 11 at 8:55am

    Love love love those tights!

  3. Nene says
    31 August 11 at 9:19am

    AW11 fashion rocks. It looks like its gonna be my kinda season! Just pooping off to Topshop to buy that armour ring


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