Down Mexico way

I went to Mexico once a few years ago and travelled all around it. It was brilliant and what I loved most about it was the colour and vibrancy and lushness of the imagery.

Now I did get slightly weary of seeing pictures and images of Frido Kahlo literally everywhere and if it wasn’t Frido staring woefully at me, it was statues of Our Lady of Guadaloupe and if it wasn’t those two ladies looking wisftul it was scenes of skeletons (yes you heard me), skeletons having a whale of a time throwing amazing parties, hoolies and hoedowns all dressed up in fancy frocks, roses, headgear and goodness knows what. So, in short in Mexico its the dead that sure know how to party. I nearly joined their ranks to be honest, but thats a whole other story involving Margueritas and tequila and limes and … makes me sick even thinking about it!!!!

Ok, so whats this got to do with anything, well I happened across this quite unusual craftswoman called Lauren Shanley who makes clothes, bags, cushions, throws, tapestries, wall hangings from a cavern of fabrics in London’s OXO Tower on the South Bank. Lauren you see specialises in making things out of old fabrics. Her items are amazing. Her Kimono coats are beautiful and unusual and entirely bespoke. Originally from New Zealand Lauren works on commisions from as far afield as New York and Australia and now Earls Court London.

So for my hols this year I asked her to make me a bag for the beach which now goes just about everywhere. Lo and behold I kept picking up bits of material with Frido, Our Lady, skeletons having a whale of a time and Lauren turned my eclectic choices into something beautiful. See the amazing results here.

My next venture is 1940′s and 50′s pin ups! and after that its over to the Far East!

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