Something old something new something knackered……

We all have them, those random single earrings, broken chains, bits of necklaces, half a bracelet. What also gets me is if you are anything like me, you never actually throw anything out! There they all are languishing, all broken and sad in the scrapheap of a drawer or jewellery box or dressing room table or kitchen table in my case waiting for action but never quite getting any because they don’t come as part of a pair or they used to be great, quite special even and now oh now not so….sound familiar anyone…..

Well do not despair hope is at hand, well at least for the broken jewellery anyway in the form of Katie Klein, who will turn just about anything into a bespoke, special one off piece. What a perfect solution to that awful dilemma. I really love this concept and am amazed its not more common.

So dust off those tired and broken gems and get them over to Katie and watch magic happen. Now what do I do with everything else!

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