Hats off – Katherine Elizabeth hat preview

I was very kindly invited to a preview of Katherine Elizabeth’s fantastic millinery collection in uber trendy Sketch last night.

For those of you who like me, have been terrified to even pass Sketch never mind have the brass neck to enter its hallowed doors, believe you me ladies, the terror is real very very real. It takes the form of a very brusque, business like guy who was commanding the front reception.

The man was obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene and was quite adament that none of the attendees (me included) should be allowed near the event until we had gone for a quick wash, yes you heard right! At least 3 times that man insisted on herding us to the bathroom to (his words this) ‘go wash your hands’.

I was getting quite concerned he had one of those repititive hand washing obsessions and was wondering if I had wandered into an OCD unit by accident. Now to give me my due I don’t usually take kindly to being ordered about and I did give it a go by pointing out (quite reasonably in my opinion) that it was a hat exhibition we were attending and not a surgical operation but after a tense stand off, much tutting and lip pursing (him not me) I deduced it was wiser to simply do as I was told and ’go wash my hands’.

Hands suitably sanitised (I was half expecting him to inspect them) and a few frayed nerves, I entered the Parlour of Sketch, which resembles a whore’s boudoir in a very very glam and lovely way. I plonked myself down on a very comfy poof thing (no not the front of house OCD Irish guy), and got chatting to some lovely journalists about all sorts.

We were treated to some Gin and Tea concoction all served in beautiful vintagey flowery teacups. The G&T(ea) did taste in one ladies words ‘like paint stripper’ but as I was half cut at this point (not to mention clean) I would have drank anything and did if only to calm my nerves after the hand incident.

We were entertained by a troupe of GI Jane type group who were great. All around were people (vaguely terrifying) wearing the most wonderful Katherine Elizabeth creations. After chatting to a couple of lovely ladies from Reuters and the BBC, a rather charmingly ebullient photographer who may have had some assistance on the charm and ebullient front (wink wink), and a fight for my Boudoir Prive (more of which later) goodie bag which contained lots of lovely make up and samples I took the 88 bus home.

Great hats, great night, great company

Just remember to wash your hands!


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