Recessioned out – Fiddling while Rome burns

I don’t know about you guys but I am sick to the absolute back teeth of this sodding recession. How long has this been going on for now? Years!!! I am afraid to buy a pack of crisps such is the fear of armageddon pervading at the moment.

Now I keep hearing about how fantastic the boom years were before 2008, where was I is the question I often ask myself.  I personally never actually had financial good times, in fact these last few years haven’t been too bad for me. So when the world was earning and spending like fuck I was up to my ears in debt and facing my own personal credit crunch. Just as this crisis hit in 2008 I actually had the whole lot paid off and for the first time since my previous life as a filthy rich princess somewhere hot, I was just about solvent, so true to form my life operates directly opposite to normal conventions!!! Contrary or what!

As I am unemployed with effect from next week I decided to test my theory, so last Sunday I did what I always do in a financial meltdown situation, I spend, which I suppose is what we should all be doing really but are not. See I told you I operate in a parallel universe! I am the biggest fiddler when Rome is burning and am proud of that fact. I am quite the expert at it.  I bought this fabulous bead necklace from Alesha at Bohemian Butterfly who now sells through Etsy. Greedy bankers, the bonkers business rates dept at K&C townhall and Chinese nail technicians forced her out of her beautiful little treasure trove in Kensington Church St.

The necklace arrived and quite perfect it is too. I shall now wear it whilst  catching up with my fellow dole birds on Jeremy Kyle every morning dressed in my dressing gown until noon, not good to let the standards slip! Looking quite forward to it in fact!

Spend on!

The sister store on Etsy is called Studio20six and is equally as good if different!

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