Perfect Pins? As easy as A, B, C !

Three things to consider about the alphabet:

1. While grossly delicious, Alphabetti Spaghetti will not assist your winning ‘Come Dine With Me’

2. It’s perfectly acceptable, even encouraged to Create Your Own phonetic alphabet (‘G’ for Grazia…)

3. Its letters are THE accessory to adorn your legs with this winter

Henry Holland’s House of Holland succeeds yet again, this time with a quirky kick which should be added to the uniform of primary school teachers nationwide. The ever-stylish Kourtney Kardashian stepped out in hers, teaming hers with killer ankle boots and and angelic white frock. I’m wearing mine under corduroy pea-green short-shorts, black heeled loafers and pink-rimmed specs- geek chic shall prevail!

Buy online (and save your blow-dry from the rain!)  from

At only £12 a pair, I bought 3 (being my lucky number) and received free delivery. Happy bunny.

Now… altogether… O M G !


Electric Ladybird x

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