Mad Hatters, tea and Curious creatures

I went for afternoon tea last Friday at the Sanderson Hotel in Central London and it wasn’t just endless cups of tea, old dears, cucumber sarnies with the crusts off and salmon paste offerings, the old dears were there alright but there were a lot of not so old dears (me) and a lot of young dears (my colleague).

Well anyway the tea was based on Alice and Wonderlands Mad Hatters Tea Party and was awesome, you literally had very little idea what you were putting in your mouth (nothing new there then) but all of it was outstandingly lovely and curious. They also allowed us to choose a key which if you were lucky allowed you to a discount in the Sanderson shop. So after our lovely tea off we trotted to the shop which was a literal veritable feast of the quirky and curious and coincidentially was called Luna and Curious. I loved everything they   sold there (more of which later in a separate post).

However I was drawn to their Momocreatura range which is one of the most original and wierd (but in a hypnotic way) I have seen in a long time and I ADORE the collection. The range is the brainchild of Momoko Tamura who told me that she ‘ gets inspirations mainly my childhood memories or my inner child.I want to let out child like mischievousness.I want to make people smile in not usual way.My new collection ‘la cirque macabre’ is now available in my stockists.You can also find it in a little cabinet at a Mouse & De lotz cafe in 103 Shacklewell Lane’. I am certainly entranced by this range.

Trust me this collection is superb and will definitely get people’s attenton when you wear a piece. I cannot wait to buy the tiny skull ring with roses (above),when I am solvent, isn’t the tiny face gorgeous?, and heavy hints are being dropped for the earrings (below) and when (keep it optimistic) I meet a rich benefactor the beautiful bear that is pictured will be mine.View all the collections at

I’ll be buying mine at

Lots of love


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