Hanging on the POP phone……………………….(as in the Blondie song)


Its that time of year again when a gal like me gets invited to all sorts of interesting previews and events showcasing the next big thing for SS12 and beyone. Being a naturally nosy sort I love sniffing around and finding new things and I was very taken with this new invention which is so simple I am surprised no-one else has thought of it before……………..Readers I bring you the POP PHONE!

Now before you all think my brain has gone POP and popped right out of its fragile casing, the POP PHONE is a handset attachment for your mobile phone, ipad, iphone or computer which enables you to have a conversation as if you were on a landline. Now I think this is a novel idea because I cannot recall the number of times I have been on the mobile languishing on my couch or at the kitchen table when my mobile has slithered from my ear and got lost down my cleavage or in the folds of my couch throw or some such situation and the call has gone to pot, its usually when I am on the damned thing to the bank, BT or Inland Revenue and cannot retrieve it in time and the whole process has to start again from scratch. That situation with this device is now a thing of the past.

The POP Phone comes in a range of very retro colours so there is no mistaking it or losing it in a crowd. I personally have gone for the chic pared down sophisticated black one, but maybe should have chosen the gold (main pic) or the leopard print. They are not too scary on the wallet either, normal colours retail at £29.99, the gold phone is £59.99 and the blue tooth one is £129.99.

Available at www.nativeunion.com

Perfect Christmas stocking fillers!

Everyone should have one!

Ruby Editor in Chief

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