Post Its go all 21st century…..

I love POST ITs!

In my opinion they are the best inventions ever, I particularly like the giant ones and the ones in pink and blue. I write all kinds of nonsense on them, they pop up all over the place, all dog eared, years later in jargon I always fail to understand but clearly meant at the time! I’ve found them in my bed, stuck to the back of coats and jumpers, attached to food stuffs in the fridge and in my knicker drawer (don’t ask) to name a few wierd and wonderful destinations, unlike some however, I have never so far been dumped by a Post It but given my luck in that arena it is only a matter of time, but I have known I was about to be fired when one was posted on my computer screen with the immortal but lethal phrase ‘can I have a quick word’ written on one.

So imagine my delight when I discovered some bright spark has taken the Post It concept aeons further and electronified the things in the form of a device called ‘JUST PLAY IT’ which works a little like the old fashioned pagers. So you write your post it on it and it reminds you and plays it back. Isn’t that something?

Again another great stocking filler and at £49.99 finding a Post It in bed or attached to the back of your jumper will become a thing of the past.

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