Femmes Dangereuses

I like to think of myself as a bit of a dangerous gal, skirting perilously close to the dark side (usually on the edge of a pavement after a few scoops on a night out on the tiles). I blame my hair, which is unruly, I don’t have a pension, hell I don’t even have a job at the moment, so its fair to say I might know what I’m talking about. However being dangerous (careless, or in my case not using a hairbrush much),is far more interesting than being a safe gal, you know the kind in school who had neat hair and their futures mapped out exactly to the letter and are currently living those perfect lives in strict accordance to those plans with their hair intact.

I on the other hand have never had a plan, and if  on the rare occasion I got organised and manage to think of one, some drama cropped up that scuppered it. To be fair I don’t even do dangerous all that well. I lurch from crisis to crisis and am a perfect example of a life lived in a perfect storm of permanent chaos, which is not so much dangerous but veering towards disastrous. However disastrous doesn’t sound nearly as romantic or intriquing, so I am throwing my lot in with dangerous.

So imagine my delight when an invitation popped into my Inbox inviting me to the book launch of  ‘Dangerous Women – Guide to Modern Living’ by Liz Hoggard, Claire Conville and Sarah Jane Lovett dedicated to the arts of all that is dangerous which is the exact aura I am attempting to create. I thought Thank God there are others out there who share this trait and have commited it to print. I haven’t read it yet, am waiting for the launch, can’t wait to meet the authors and maybe they’ll tell me how to be dangerous but yet get a pension and a roof over my head and who knows they might even tell me how to tame my hair!

Will keep you updated.

Olga – Attempting to live a life of danger


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