Recession – what recession

I came across what has got to be the most expensive candle I have ever seen or been up close to. I’ll wager not even the Vatican in its hey day stretched that far. Its lovely, its probably even worth the money if you have any, which I don’t!

So if you are an oligarch or even an oligarch’s girlfriend, wife, consort, friend even you can put it on your Christmas list. I am reliably informed they are available at Harrods & Harvey Nicholls (would expect nothing less)! The big one (pictured) embossed with the crystals is the shocker at around £1,000, you can put it in the yacht, or the winter mansion in the Yurals. Why not invite me while you are at it, to pay homage to it in person, I’m free!!

The hand and skulls (which I really like) retail at about £120 at selected retailers!

We can dream!!!

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