Lets get dressed for baking.

Ali Miller

I mentioned previously that I made my annual trip to the open day Made in Clerkenwell at Craft Central last week primarily to visit Katherine Elizabeth. I came across a wonderful ceramics deisgner called Abi Miller who designs and makes gorgeous and quirky tea sets, plates, aprons and tea towels.

Now I have taken to cooking and baking in a big way lately largely due to the fact I am ‘between jobs’ a fancy word for unemployed and in order to look the part of the professional baker and stop coating my clothes in a thin veneer of flour, sparkly dust and cake mixture I needed an apron. Not just any apron either, I did not want to look like a Stepford Wife or Kirstie Allsop all decked out in Emma Bridgewater or Kath Kidston, so I was thrilled when I came across Ali’s amazingly unusual aprons with really odd and bizarre prints. So I bought one with the snake on and a few contrasting teatowels.

Now I look the part and am perfectly accessorised to make sponges if anyone wants to pop by and try some and have a cup of tea.

Ali’s ceramics are a must for those quirky kitchens and afternoon teas with a twist.

Take a look for yourself. Ali’s ceramics are also on sale at the Tate and Selfridges.



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