Hacked off for being Hacked

Hi there my lovelies

Just thought I would let you know that I (Ruby) have had to suspend my Twitter account for a while as I got hacked and some fucker/loser who probably lives somewhere dire in some ex Soviet style republic eating grey radioactive food with nothing better to do, who thought it a great idea to hack into my Twitter account sent vile emails on my behalf to my followers and friends. I hope not only his/her hand and remaining eye fall out but ………………………(leave that part to your imagination)

I have since suspended the account for a while in the vain hope s/he will fuck off, get caught, prosecuted and jailed for annoying and upsetting my followers.

This has nothing to do with Lottie’s followers or Electric Ladybird just me!!

The perils of modern technology eh!

So so sorry but there you go…….

Business will resume at some stage soon as per usual……lots going on and lots to tell you…..


Editor in Chief

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