A little something for the girls who have nothing

An Angel at my Table I love mooching around in a fantasy of froth and frenchness this website ‘An Angel at my Table’. It sells a random selection of homewares, jewellery and knick knacks and its just lovely. I love these bracelets as they remind me of old Parisien seamstresses toiling away producing perfect couture that none of us can afford to wear. So wear these instead.


Tatty Devine and The Pansy Project

I can be quite a tough cookie to crumble, but upon hearing news of the tragic suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer, the 14 year old video blogger subject to homophobic bullying, I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. How could anybody subject an innocent person to such despair is beyond my comprehension, and I think it’s imperative that high profile figures such as Lady Gaga continue in their efforts and support of the gay community. I was very pleased to learn that my darling favourite Tatty Devine are on the same...


The Zandra Rhodes Jewellery Collection

The Zandra Rhodes Jewellery Collection was never going to go unnoticed. My grandmother has a glass trinket box on her dressing table. As a tiny girl I would peer into this feminine heaven and decorate all three foot of me in exquisite broaches, charms and jewels. With the vital addition of ‘genuine’ Christmas Cracker Pearls, I felt every inch the princess. Upon discovering Zandra’s collaboration with Adele Marie, waves of nostalgia washed over me, a grown lass with a never-ending penchant for dressing up. I have always admired Zandra’s...