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Lolli lolli Lollipops Oh La La…..the french are coming

Lottie and I went along to Lollipops preview in Shoreditch East London recently for a nose around. I came across this Parision fashion and accessories brand years ago on holiday to Marbella. Then I bought a beautiful candy pink handbag (very now) and I fought over the last pair of silver mules with my friend Irene and due to some really dirty tricks she risked over 30 years of friendship when she surreptitiously bought the mules from under my very put out nose! Lollipops in Marbella closed down, I...


Happy New Year – 2012 the year when it all goes great!

Always remember in the immortal words of Mme Lily Bollinger ………………………….   Champagne… ‘I drink it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. Sometimes I drink it when I’m alone. When I have company I consider it obligatory. I trifle with it if I’m not hungry and drink it when I am. Otherwise, I never touch it—unless I’m thirsty.’ Looking forward to entertaining you again in 2012….its going to be great……I’ll drink to that!



WISH-UPON-A-TAG WITH HELP FROM FACEBOOK AND WESTFIELD STRATFORD This Christmas, Westfield Stratford are offering you the chance to win one of 40 amazing prizes, including a GUESS timeless Vessel watch worn by X Factor finalist Marcus Collins, worth £125. Simply log on and LIKE the Westfield Stratford City Facebook page and follow the simple instructions. Tagging yourself to the image of the GUESS Watch will automatically enter you into the fantastic prize draw, courtesy of H Samuel. Be sure to re-visit Facebook daily and tag yourself once everyday to...


Where I realise JUST how lucky I am……..

I am a very lucky person. Look what my friend Veronique sent me for Christmas! A fantastic medieval cross on Biba chain (featured on the front of this post) and medieval bangles (below) from Mirabelle jewellery! I feel like Maid Marion but far more stylish, now where is that Robin Hood hiding! For those of you not in the know, I also write Mirabelle’s blog for the Mirabelle Jewellery website. Mirabelle is a fantastic ethical jewellery website, much loved by the fashion pack and those in the know. Mirabelle...


Hacked off for being Hacked

Hi there my lovelies Just thought I would let you know that I (Ruby) have had to suspend my Twitter account for a while as I got hacked and some fucker/loser who probably lives somewhere dire in some ex Soviet style republic eating grey radioactive food with nothing better to do, who thought it a great idea to hack into my Twitter account sent vile emails on my behalf to my followers and friends. I hope not only his/her hand and remaining eye fall out but ………………………(leave that part...


Lets get dressed for baking.

Ali Miller I mentioned previously that I made my annual trip to the open day Made in Clerkenwell at Craft Central last week primarily to visit Katherine Elizabeth. I came across a wonderful ceramics deisgner called Abi Miller who designs and makes gorgeous and quirky tea sets, plates, aprons and tea towels. Now I have taken to cooking and baking in a big way lately largely due to the fact I am ‘between jobs’ a fancy word for unemployed and in order to look the part of the professional...


Recession – what recession

I came across what has got to be the most expensive candle I have ever seen or been up close to. I’ll wager not even the Vatican in its hey day stretched that far. Its lovely, its probably even worth the money if you have any, which I don’t! So if you are an oligarch or even an oligarch’s girlfriend, wife, consort, friend even you can put it on your Christmas list. I am reliably informed they are available at Harrods & Harvey Nicholls (would expect nothing less)! The...


Femmes Dangereuses

I like to think of myself as a bit of a dangerous gal, skirting perilously close to the dark side (usually on the edge of a pavement after a few scoops on a night out on the tiles). I blame my hair, which is unruly, I don’t have a pension, hell I don’t even have a job at the moment, so its fair to say I might know what I’m talking about. However being dangerous (careless, or in my case not using a hairbrush much),is far more interesting than...


Post Its go all 21st century…..

I love POST ITs! In my opinion they are the best inventions ever, I particularly like the giant ones and the ones in pink and blue. I write all kinds of nonsense on them, they pop up all over the place, all dog eared, years later in jargon I always fail to understand but clearly meant at the time! I’ve found them in my bed, stuck to the back of coats and jumpers, attached to food stuffs in the fridge and in my knicker drawer (don’t ask) to name...


Hanging on the POP phone……………………….(as in the Blondie song)

POP PHONE Its that time of year again when a gal like me gets invited to all sorts of interesting previews and events showcasing the next big thing for SS12 and beyone. Being a naturally nosy sort I love sniffing around and finding new things and I was very taken with this new invention which is so simple I am surprised no-one else has thought of it before……………..Readers I bring you the POP PHONE! Now before you all think my brain has gone POP and popped right out of...

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