Red carpet handbags

These beautiful handbags from Maisha popped onto my radar recently. Perfect for putting on the glitz…. http://www.maishabags.com/


GUESS what!

Guess I popped into the Guess open event this weekend and spurned on by rumours of cold weather I came across this gorgeous gloves which must be purchased. With the hands covered I then got to thinking I will need something to put in the hands and saw this lovely Covent Garden tote bag in leopard print…….and GUESS what…………it has to be purchased too……… Sticking to the hand theme, I even got my nails done free at the event in a beautiful burgandy colour, so my hands are lovely...


Kumihimo, darling! Bracelets by Tanya Walker

The  braid: whether Heidi or Grecian Goddess, such style exudes a straight-laced cheekiness that traverses from infancy to beyond. While out shopping in my local florist, I happened upon these delightful specimens by designer and creator Tanya Walker. Tanya’s inspiration for these intricate bracelets initially sourced from research into plaiting techniques for her floristry qualification, when she discoverd Kumihimo. This ancient Japanese technique was originally used by samurai to decorate armour and in is a form of finger-loop braiding. Tanya’s background in floristry provides her designs with an artistic fluidity, capturing colour and...


Pucker up

I was feeling a bit miserable today and took out my favourite item EVER! my LULU Guinness perspex red lip clutch. It makes me smile every time and for some reason attracts the men like flies as they want to touch it and stroke it (pity its the bag and not me!) but hey ho. If I had the dosh I would buy them in every colour especially these ones…..the pink is my fav…. www.luluguinness.com


Angels at my table and a bargain to boot

Angel Jackson (much loved by the fashion pack and of course Moi!) have a great offer on at the moment. Buy a bag and get a clutch free! They come in beautiful colours and are mega trendy. What is there not to like!! Lady Gaga and Jessie J think theres lots to name but a few! www.angeljackson.com