Its all on the head…Katherine Elizabeth Hats…..

I made my annual pilgrimage to Made in Clerkenwell Christmas open day at Craft Central in St John’s Square London. I was fairly targeted in my quest but got sidetracked by the wonderful ceramics by Ali Miller. I then climbed the very steep stairs to the 5th floor to my favourite milliner Katherine Elizabeth and bought two wonderful felt hats, one in caramel and the other in cream for a very reasonable £35 each. I also took some pics of the lovely Katherine at work. www.katherineelizabethhats.com  


Hats off – Katherine Elizabeth hat preview

I was very kindly invited to a preview of Katherine Elizabeth’s fantastic millinery collection in uber trendy Sketch last night. For those of you who like me, have been terrified to even pass Sketch never mind have the brass neck to enter its hallowed doors, believe you me ladies, the terror is real very very real. It takes the form of a very brusque, business like guy who was commanding the front reception. The man was obsessed with cleanliness and hygiene and was quite adament that none of the attendees (me included)...



I never thought I was a ‘hat-person’. At the tender age of seven, yours truly was happily entertaining herself in the playground, donning a terrific mullet and suitable baseball cap. The following words were about to haunt me forever: “Are you a boy or a girl?” Eyes swelling with tears, I glanced at the brutish lad who spilled such a question, before sprinting to parental safety. I never wore a baseball cap again. 7th September 2010:Berwick Street, London. During a standard shopping session in a vintage store, I spot a masterpiece. Rich, bloodied burgundy in colour,...


How not to do a Beatrice

I love hats, well something needs to contain this crazy brain of mine and I love summer hats the most of all. Now I am no fan of meringue creations (EXCEPTION being Princess Bea’s which was so awful it was great) but I do love a bit of nostalgia and I love Panama hats, for me they evoke 50′s faded glamour such as Katherine Hepburn wondering around the middle of Africa with Humphrey Bogart in the African Queen or Mia Farrow silly, fickle and drunk as a skunk Daily...