What I covet/bought this week


A little bag of something

BURBERRY SS12 Just a taster….. Aren’t these clutch bags from Burberry gorgeous Ruby  


I’ve been a very bad girl………

Bouyed up by a very boozy Christmas lunch yesterday I ended up in the Swarovski shop on the Brompton Road. I ended up falling inlove with this Purple Red ring. Its very rock chick and reminds me of Stephen Webster’s jewellery but at a fraction of the price. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I also (it was the wine you understand) bought this black Nirvana ring (BELOW) that I had my eye on for years. Am a very happy chick, albeit a hungover and poorer one! www.swarovski.co.uk Ruby EDITOR...


A little something for the girls who have nothing

An Angel at my Table I love mooching around in a fantasy of froth and frenchness this website ‘An Angel at my Table’. It sells a random selection of homewares, jewellery and knick knacks and its just lovely. I love these bracelets as they remind me of old Parisien seamstresses toiling away producing perfect couture that none of us can afford to wear. So wear these instead. www.anangelatmytable.co.uk


Lets all go buy milk…….

Lulu Guinness If like me you have always coveted Lulu Guinness’s red lips bags but cannot afford the price tag. Now you can…..in the shape of her snappy new shopping tote which comes in at a great £35 price tag. You can fold it up into the red lip shape to fool all your friends and enemies into thinking you have bought the real thing before unfurling it to put the groceries in. Never has going to the shops for toilet roll and milk looked so stylish. Ideal Christmas...


Mad Hatters, tea and Curious creatures

I went for afternoon tea last Friday at the Sanderson Hotel in Central London and it wasn’t just endless cups of tea, old dears, cucumber sarnies with the crusts off and salmon paste offerings, the old dears were there alright but there were a lot of not so old dears (me) and a lot of young dears (my colleague). Well anyway the tea was based on Alice and Wonderlands Mad Hatters Tea Party and was awesome, you literally had very little idea what you were putting in your mouth...


An Angel at my Table

I came across this dreamy, romantic site recently which specialises in French reproduction furniture and the like.I then came across a section called Something for the Girls and I literally had to have these truly stunning vintsagey lace crochet scarves. They were not expensive and literally add to any outfit. I have not left off the daisy crochet one since I received it on Saturday. So for all your romantics out there, have a look and cast your mind back to simpler but far more prettier times. Truly Angelic!...


I love thee Forever (21)

With great joy I welcome a new relationship into my life; one I don’t mind sharing with every savvy lass in London Town. Wednesday 27th July 2011 marked the grand opening of Forever 21 in Oxford Street, W1.The last time I stepped into such emporium was rather an eventful mini-break to The Big Apple. Between collapsing on the aeroplane and subsequently being strapped to oxygen (before misplacing my passport en route from customs)*, I made certain that Forever 21 was on the Hit List. While the US chain is...


Where I short circuit

I was sitting in the hairdressers at the weekend getting my hair highlighted and I was flicking through the stack of magazines as you do. I was browsing through Vogue (which I never buy – whats the point nothing fits or is affordable!) anyway I indulged myself and remarked to myself that the 50′s Mad Men shoot of Kate Moss looked great. As you know I have been on the hunt for a decent clutch bag in gold for a wedding and I nearly fell through the seat in...


In which a change is gonna come…..

In order to keep things interesting (well for me anyway as I might well be the only one actually reading this) I am adding a few new items. First one is along the lines of ‘what I bought/covet this week’ which to the uninitiated is fairly self explanatory. It also has a more sinister purpose and that is to try to cure me of this shopping obsession – medically termed omniophobia. Not only will I be describing my purchases or items of desire I will be giving you the...