Vegan Leather Stretch & Reversible Belt

  • This Stretch belt is made out of Vegan Leather that is extremely soft and durable. Its smooth texture for a neat and stylish belt, perfect to use for events and your daily outings.
  • It can stretch an extra 2 inches while keeping its shape and form
  • These belts are used with a brushed nickel buckle, offering high-end hardware to a state of the art belt.
  • The Black color contains a 37 mm width and has a flat edge construction. This color is NOT reversible
  • The Black/Brown is a reversible stretch belt. It has a 32 mm width and a feathered edge construction.
  • This item can be offered as a special gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Father's Day, Groomsmen, and other special occasions.

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