About us

Access Denied, originated in 2008, is set on protecting the public from RFID Identity Theft. RFID Identity Theft is one of the leading forms of Identity Theft and affects more than 18 million people a year. Each year these statistics and numbers rise as Identity thieves get more creative with new reader technology in silently accessing your cards and personal information through your electronic radio frequency identification chips (RFID) cards now embedded in almost all new credit cards and debit cards, as well as passports. Other forms of information these silent skimmers can access are your full driver’s license information, expiration dates, and even your social security number.

Access Denied has designed fashionable leather goods that not only look pleasing to the eye but are just as pleasing functionally. Every Access Denied leather good is fully lined with our RFID Blocking technology disabling all forms of electric skimming to protect your personal information. Our RFID Blocking Wallets offer the best protection of your personal data and credit card identification.  

It only takes a moment for someone to brush past you and steal all your personal information and can be a huge expense costing large sums of money, cause incredible aggravation and take months and years repairing your credit after becoming a victim. PROTECT and LOCK away your personal information in RFID enabled cards within our exclusive line of wallets, passport holders, handbags, and briefcases. Access Denied specializes in designs for both Men and Women and uses only the highest quality materials.

The electronic blocking material is not aluminum foil, but a proprietary technology that is guaranteed to work.  Every Access Denied purse, wallet, case, sleeve and leather good item is made with high standards of excellence, superior to foil, that comply with FIPS-201 specifications.  Put all those worries aside and know that with RFID blocking protection in your pocket, you can now travel, shop, sign and go about your day feeling safe.