Low Cut Basic Socks

  • These low cut socks are made out 90% Cotton, 5% Polyester, and 5% Elastic, giving you a very comfortable pair of socks to be used for any occasion.
  • Each pack of socks comes with 4 pairs per pack.
  • These socks can be used for men and women. The sizing offered is 9-11 and 10-13. However, sizes 6,7, and 8 should fit no problem with the size 9-11 option.
  • They contain mash tops, giving you breathable airflow going through your socks.
  • They also contain halt cushion, meaning they are thick at the bottom and thin at the top.
  • They will give you arch support due to the enforced elastic part in the middle of the sock, holding the socks in place.

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